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For the products, quality and design
of its production
was awarded gold medals and trophies.


This first Serbian privileged industry for making all kinds of mills and mill quartz stone founded Rajic Topalovic, from deeper in Trstenik, back in 1875. Since then, the lineage masters of mills and a millstone, family Topalovic, has continued through five generations to the present day. Stone for its mills Topalovici chiseling away of many types of quartz stone which are extracted from the quarry under Goc, and claim that there is none in Europe. Mills from the workshop Topalovic work on water, power and manual turning, and are completely environmentally friendly. Starting back in 1920 on the Swedish exhibition of the water stone in Paris, a stone from the workshop Topalovic was named best and was awarded the large golden plaque, so Topalovici in this same fair made a lot of work with millers from France, Switzerland, Israel, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany and other countries. Workshop '' Raica Topalovic and Son '' all these years and decades perfected, modernized and expanded its product range, which is in many exhibitions both in Serbia and abroad, awarded a number of prestigious awards for superior quality, functionality, design and environmentally sound use. Topalovici are proud of their tradition that they have not betrayed, and what they are today.   

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